Let the tears flow.

Tears are more special than smiles. Smiles can be for anyone, but tears are reserved for those you really love…

I am grateful for very busy days at the office when the bosses are preparing to leave for an island getaway. Today has been a multi-tasking day. Love the change.

I am grateful for a sweet email from Lisa with this picture that Mom would have scolded me about, because it has a bad word in it:


I am grateful for this caffeine headache that reminds me I am doing something good, weaning myself off of so much iced tea and saving $1.09 every day.

I am grateful for my Bingo group! Tuesday nights are so rich. I love my friends at The Gables. I wish I could spend more time with them. I gave them crossword/sudoku/word search books and some banana bread for their prizes. And the blackout winner, Stan, received the standard four quarters AND a bonus $2 bill.

I am grateful for the opportunity to take Danny out for dinner this evening and find out what he’s been learning at our church this week and hear about he and Glenda’s future plans and fun trips that are coming up soon.


I am grateful for memories of this day last year. I had been back to work for one day, from my trip to Fort Worth, and I got a call from Dwight shortly after lunch. He had gone to visit Mom during his lunch break and found her asleep at the kitchen table, almost ready to fall out of her chair. I left work, found Angela at a basketball game, and Sam, Angela, Rachel and I headed to Hutch that evening. I remember sitting in the living room with Mom and Dad, Dwight and Marlene, Angela and Rachel, and Sam having the discussion about calling Hospice. Mom had been so hesitant, but in the quiet of the night with all of us there, she knew it was time. Oh, that was so hard, but I am so grateful for Hospice. A nurse came that night and got Mom started on her new medicine and walked us through the first steps of this emotionally painful journey in which we were about to embark. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotion Dad was feeling. He was such a rock, and it did my heart wonders to watch him sit beside her, holding her hand, being so attentive to her. To witness that love and adoration was priceless…

Image   Image

Mom, about three weeks earlier, at the Johnson reunion…and Mom, on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

And I am grateful for healing tears.


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