Happy Anniversary.




I am grateful for today, my parents’ anniversary.

I am grateful that I have memories of a year ago – several of us were lingering in the kitchen in the morning, the sun had come up, and Mom was in her new hospital bed by the living room window. We didn’t want to disturb the scene, as Dad came out of the bedroom ready to face the new day that was before him, heading straight to Mom’s side. He held her hand and leaned in close, telling her “Happy Anniversary” and told her he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on this day. And then he sat with her for what seemed like hours, just holding her hand and running his fingers through her hair and watching her. There were soft whispers for her and a devotion to her that was so touching…It was one of the most romantic experiences I’ve ever witnessed, and it made me love my Dad all the more. I remember feeling like we were invading their personal space but so grateful that we were able to glimpse this forever love.



I am grateful that my Dad is taking the weekend to rest and reflect. Thank you, Lord, for watching over him and for holding him tight.



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