I just thank you, Father, for making me…ME.

This morning, it is necessary for me to say thank you to God for:

A vehicle with heat


My reading glasses

An abundance of devotions to set my mind on things above

My families: immediate, extended, new, church, and work

A nail file

The ones who stuck with me and held my hand in the dark, or as Andy put it a few years ago in one of his messages, instead of bending over to pull me out or watch from the safety of their own solid ground, they got down in the mud with me and helped me back up and onto solid ground

The ability to work

My job

The simple breakfast that satisfies: one egg

Mom’s coat to wear

My counselor

Cookies baked and ready for delivery

A little $6 radio to listen to while I work

The willpower to resist eating anything but celery for the rest of the day

My vitamins

Karis and her beautiful little boy

A pair of gloves

The cardinal couple that found the feeder

The song: I am a Promise, I am a possibility, I am a promise, with a capital P, I am a great big bundle of potentiality…

My bank account that actually has something in it – for now

My sunglasses

The absence of personal drama

The fact that I grew up in a lower-middle class home and do not need or want the “finer” things in life

The movers just outside my office door who are keeping the outer doors propped open this morning with single digit temperature outside, because it makes me realize how comfortable I have it here at my desk every other morning

The ability to remember and hang on to the good times

And for the work-in-progress that is my life. Change can be a good God thing.


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