Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.



I am grateful for this song today:


I am grateful for snippets of happiness throughout the day, like Olympian Kate Hansen’s warm-up before a race, or an exciting ending to a great basketball game last night, or the sound of frozen slush crunch, or a boss who was extremely disappointed in the ballgame’s conclusion but walked in happy and wearing a KState sweatshirt, just for me.


I am grateful for salt – on my microwaved egg, on potato chips, and on the roads and sidewalks.

I am grateful for cats. I miss having one to sleep on my lap and purr happiness into my ear and fill the house with its meow and bat at toys and hide in paper sacks. I miss Sneakers and Topo and Panther. And Natia and Brandi and Sienna, although they are dogs. And Tweety, although he was a canary. But they all brought happiness into my world…

I am grateful for memories, although fading, of making Valentine boxes with the girls when they were little.

And I am grateful that my debt has been erased.




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