Loyal, sweet, thoughtful, charismatic.

What’s yours?

psychology word exercise

I am grateful for distractions to my day when it becomes monotonous.

I am grateful for oatmeal. Yes, I said it. This morning, on a whim, I decided to BUY a McDonald’s oatmeal because a co-worker said it might make me less hungry at work. However, when I got to work and took the lid off, I discovered that it was covered in…FRUIT. Apples, cranberries (I think), and RAISINS! I almost cried, my experiment was ruined by nasty fruit. But, I was hungry enough, I decided to mix it all together, and whaddayaknow. It was actually good. Another first for me in this new life of living outside the box. One tiptoe at a time.

I am grateful that not all men are rude. I “halfway” met a man last night, if that’s what you call introducing myself while he texted and barely looked up, and he had to be one of the most rude people I have ever encountered. On top of that, he is a physician. A professional who deals with patients on a daily basis. I wasn’t a patient. So, on top of being grateful that not all men are rude, I am also grateful that I am not this man’s patient.

I am grateful for a TV in the conference room today, so I can catch up on scores of the games every now and then.

I am grateful for perfect spring weather today. I hope my Dad will get out and start playing some golf again.

I am grateful for the opportunity to listen to District Court Judge Kathleen Sloan and Assistant DA Erica Miller last night as they described their positions and cases that are handled in their courtroom.

I am grateful for a new cookie recipe – they’ll be perfect for Bingo on Monday night.

Lime Tea Cookies...in time for Spring!

And I am grateful my life does not depend on wins and losses.


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