For such a worm as I.


At the Cross


Keeping it short and sweet this morning, since I’m only working til noon today. 

I am so grateful that I saw the light, that I received my sight, and that I am now happy all the day.

I am grateful for the privilege I had to play for Reflections quartet several years ago – and for Cliff Riggs and Bill Ebeling when they sang “At the Cross” at Buhler MB Church.  What a gift it was to be a part of their music. This song will play on my internal jukebox today. I hope you listened to it and it plays on yours, as well.

I am grateful for 3 1/2 days of vacation.

I am grateful for a cousin who cares and doesn’t just talk about loving, but is actively involved in doing love for her aunt.

And I am grateful for more wisdom from this guy. His blog post brought me to tears this morning. It is so worth taking the time to read:

Love Letter to Fred Phelps

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