Pine sol for the heart.

I am grateful that we live in a small world. Last night,  Sam and I attended a banquet in Wichita and seated at our table were several people from the Haviland Co-op and three people from the Nemaha County/Seneca Co-op.  My family in both towns were well-known among this group, and it was fun to find out.

I am grateful for solitude this morning on the seventh floor of the hotel, with the sun shining in the windows and a beautiful view of the river below.

Speaking of a small world, I am now sitting in a business meeting and next to me is a man from childhood days in Haven. He knows my dad and sees him at the coffee shop on occasion.

I am grateful for a cinnamon bagel and an orange juice for breakfast this morning.

I am grateful for my devotions that work to clean my insides each morning, for prayer time with God that wipes the dust and grime away, for scripture that refreshes my heart, and for the peace that Jesus gives when the cleaning is all done.

I am grateful that cell phones have a silence button built in. How chaotic and horribly disruptive it would be for all of these people in this big banquet hall who are doing business on the phones during the meeting and special speaker to have ring tones and beeps going off…

I am grateful for health insurance.

I am grateful for a beautiful picture of my new granddaughter that was sent to me last night with this message: Patiently waiting to meet her grandma.


I am grateful for spring cleaning, for the feeling of throwing out the old and replacing with fresh and new, for ridding the dust and grime, for the smell of clean, for the way clean makes me feel very satisfied, and for the way my Mom insisted on clean and trained me to keep a clean house.

And I am grateful for beautiful weather for this trip to Texas.


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