A grandchild is God’s opinion that the world should go on.



I am grateful that I am a grandma.

I am grateful that I have been blessed with the most beautiful, well-behaved, sweetest grandchildren in the world.

I am grateful for the time off from work to take a short trip to Texas last week.

I am grateful for a husband who is so supportive and loving and rearranged our plans and his plans so that I could spend time with my daughter and family.

I am grateful for fat little cheeks and a healthy little baby. Anjalie feels so good to hold and is such a happy little girl.


I am grateful for the added blessing of taking the two oldest grandkids to Austin on the train with me.

Image  Image Image


I am grateful for a little guy who constantly said in a very excited voice with a very excited brow: “I tole’ you so!”



I am grateful for the sound of two little voices lying next to me in the bed, saying, “Now I lay me down to sweep, I pway the Lohd my soul to keep, angels watch me thwew the night and wake me wif the mohning light. Ay-men!”

I am grateful for sleep. Grandmas get really tired. Apparently, so do little ones:

Image Image Image


I am grateful for little hugs and the feeling of tiny fingers curled around mine.

I am grateful for a beautiful Annistan who is going to be a handful – always giggling and wanting to play “Catch me if you can!”


I am grateful for grandchildren who say, “I love you!” at the lunch table, ornery grins and all.

I am grateful for Anissa’s tight curls that are so gorgeous and soft.


I am grateful for a shower.

I am grateful for Sam’s great-nephews who ended up being AWESOME babysitters and new friends for Anissa and Andrae, giving piggyback rides, playing in the park, playing football/basketball/soccer/baseball with Andrae, playing “chase” with Anissa, making playdough creations, sharing waffles at breakfast, and showing the kids all of their toys.

I am grateful for two little rugrats who constantly say, “That’s nasty!” when they don’t like something.

I am grateful for a notebook in my purse that is full of this now:



I am grateful for silly kids with mischievous grins who eat ice cream and make us laugh. Sam was teasing them both, and Anissa looked at him with a sparkle in her eye, trying to be all serious, and said, “Don’t play with me. Just eat.”

I am grateful for a little guy who loves anything and everything basketball!

I am grateful for Taco Cabana breakfast tacos and fresh tortillas to eat on the way home.


I am grateful to have heard “with a sheep sheep here and a sheep sheep there” in the backseat on the way home yesterday.

I am grateful for safety on the trip to Texas, on the train ride to Austin, for the trip back to Fort Worth, and for the trip home last night.

And today, I am most grateful for my daughter and the Mom she is. I am so very proud of her.



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