Hanna-Barbera cartoon sound effects are awesome.


I am grateful for pleasant memories of this cartoon:

Captain CA-A-A-A-AVE MA-A-A-A-A-AN!!


I am grateful for my devotion this morning about Gideon that included these two wonderful phrases of wisdom:

God plus one equals a majority.

We never test the resources of God until we attempt the impossible. – F. B. Meyer


I am grateful for Olive Garden salad dressing that is available at Sam’s Club now and goes so well on my free bag of lettuce today.

And I am grateful for two of the strongest women I know, two women who have been my support system, my friends, and my sisters. I am so fortunate to have them in my life, and because I was surrounded by grandchildren last Friday and kind of had my hands full, I was not able to write my grateful and honor them on their shared birthday as I should have done. Angela and Michelle, I love you. The world is a better place because of both of you. I am a better person because of both of you. You live what you believe. You both walk the walk. And you make life an adventure on a daily basis. I am very, very blessed to have you in my life and call you my sisters.

   Angela FergusonMichelle Cline Johnson


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