Accept what IS, let go of what WAS, and have faith in what WILL BE.


I am grateful for the fun of Opening Day, although I am very content to enjoy it away from the ballpark, especially on this fairly chilly day in Kansas City. Opening Day makes me crave a hot dog. So, in honor of Opening Day at the K, grandchildren that fill my heart and mind, and this incredibly strong craving, please click on the link below, and enjoy your Friday:

Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog

I am grateful for fresh pineapple and strawberries for my snack today and grateful that I learned to eat strawberries, even if I was in my 40’s.
I am grateful for Marcia McKibben.  
I am grateful that Valerie posted this link for me to discover, from Jen Hatmaker, the author of one of my favorite books, “7.” I have struggled internally with what is happening in the “Christian” world over this issue, and continue to wrestle with and discern for myself what I believe. It is more important to me that even when I don’t know where I stand on this issue, I act like Jesus and DO LOVE. I respect and admire her point of view and am grateful that she wrote this:
I am grateful for a fun evening of watching very talented middle school students perform the musical, “Schoolhouse Rock.” So proud of my girl – Abbie is a natural on stage, and I am convinced that someday I will watch her perform professionally.
I am grateful that Karissa and family are safe after the storms in their area last night.
I am grateful for stir-fry vegetables with chicken.
I am grateful for these:
I am grateful for unsalted peanuts and pink lady apples – great mid-morning snacks.
I am grateful that I do not have allergies so bad that they affect my daily activities.
And I am grateful for the hymn “I’d Rather Have Jesus Than Anything.”  It will play on my internal jukebox all day long.

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