Write your hurts in sand. Carve your blessings in stone.


I am grateful that I am not a mattress mover. I would hate my job. Someone needs to invent handles on the sides of mattresses, or a mattress sling or something like that for average people when we have to move mattresses. There’s nothing to hold onto, they are heavy and awkward and in the way of our feet, and if I never had to move another one, that would be okay with me. Wait. I just looked it up on the internet. THERE ARE SLINGS MADE TO MOVE MATTRESSES!! But how often does the average person move a mattress in order to justify purchasing a mattress sling. Oh, the dilemma.


I am grateful for yesterday’s devotion in Dad’s book from Charlie and Patsy. What a great story and message for me today:

Thomas Carlyle labored with intensity on the first volume of a three-part study of the French Revolution. He felt it could be his greatest work. He loaned the manuscript to his friend John Stuart Mill to read, and Mill read it by the fire. One morning, the maid, cleaning the room and seeing the scattered pages on the floor, threw them in the fire. When Carlyle learned his manuscript was burned to ash, he sank into abysmal depression. Sometime later, still desolate, he saw a brick mason through the window. The man was standing on a scaffold, singing and whistling to himself as he built the wall of a house one brick at a time. Watching him, Carlyle decided he would write his book again, one page at a time. His history of the revolution became famous, and he is remembered as one of Scotland’s literary giants.

Perhaps you’ve lost something very valuable to you. Don’t give up. Tomorrow still holds a bright promise, and the Lord blesses faithful, plodding work. Let’s take it step-by-step, day-by-day, and moment-by-moment.


I am grateful for Windex and Comet.



I am grateful for the wisdom in the following sentence. When I first read this, my reactive thought was, “Oh, Angela needs this one. And Sam. And Dwight. And Michelle:”

Learn to say no, so your yes has some oomph.

And then the Holy Spirit’s conviction kicked in.

Now, to follow through and DO IT, in not just my activities and commitments, but my spending, my eating habits, and my relationships…


I am grateful for the space heater at my feet.

At this point in life, I am grateful for time to just sit and relax. Life is too short to be busy all of the time. I know in a new season of life, I will be grateful for things to do, because life is too short to waste it just sitting with nothing to do. But for now, I am grateful for that time when I don’t have to fill it with busy-ness. It’s okay to relax and enjoy a book, or a movie, or a ballgame, or a bike ride, or a pleasant afternoon on the patio listening to nature. The projects and work and cleaning will still be there. For another day. 

And I am grateful for the conviction of the Holy Spirit when I make the choice to complain, when I say something totally worthless, hurtful, and unnecessary, and when I am less than Christ-like. Like last night. I am grateful God forgives and loves me in spite of my ugly.


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