That’s NAS-ty!


I am grateful that I like a clean house, that even though I love cats, we don’t have one, that even though I love dogs, we don’t have one, and that for all of the years I HATED Saturday cleaning days that Mom made us live through instead of playing with friends and doing fun things on the weekends, I learned to love the smell of Windex and Pinesol and bleach and Comet and Pledge, and I can appreciate a lack of nastiness in my home, wherever I reside. Wow, wow, wow. I saw the complete opposite of a clean home last night. Wow.

I am grateful for a sleeping Dad this morning. He didn’t stir when we left for work, and I know he was in dire need of rest after keeping up with Angela, Mom’s daughter, who doesn’t have a “stop” or even a “slow down” button when it comes to memorials and museums that wait for no one.

I am grateful for Sam’s ingenuity. There was NO WAY that was going to fit in such a small space. Wanna bet?

I am grateful for one more sleeve of graham crackers and a leftover container of generic frosting in a nearly empty kitchen – it made for a perfect bedtime snack for the three of us, and it was a wonderful reminder of Mom’s creativity – poor man’s cookies.

I am grateful that I can recall in my brain the sound of Andrae and Anissa saying, “Tha’s NAS-ty!” after seeing something gross. 

I am grateful for Dad’s comment on the way home from the airport last night when asked what his favorite thing was in Washington: “I just wish Grace could have seen it all.”  Me too, Dad. Me too.

I am grateful that tonight is Bingo, and Grace, one of my choir kids who would like a summer job at a nursing home or assisted living facility, will join us to play and get to know my “adopted Moms.” 

And I am grateful that I now get to leave and go have lunch with my Dad.


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