In everything, give thanks. I am thank-full.


I am grateful for:

The majesty of an eastern Colorado thunderstorm seen from a distance.The cloud is so massive and stunning.

The breathtaking feeling of seeing a full rainbow in its brilliance.

A small windmill in the solitude of a pasture, circling gently in the breeze.

The way the grasses lean in sync as if part of the audience of heaven, directing our attention to the Master of the wind.

A wonderful hotel to stay in last night, if only for four hours of sleep. If ever in Colorado Springs, I highly recommend MCM Elegante. I had never heard of it, either. This was what greeted us at the entry.


The quiet of the bus first thing in the morning, when all of the singers and their chaperones are trying to finish the short night of rest.

The privilege of speaking with my Father each morning and evening, specifically praying for Tom, Rick, Mark, Russ, Lyndy, and Kristi, “our pastors” from Kentucky and Minnesota, for my daughters and their families, for our dads, and for my new CASA child. (I’ll call her Cari when I speak of her…)

The privilege of praying for each of my kids in my group: Riley, Albert, Grace, Jake, Avery, and MacKenzie.

For the anticipation of being home tonight.

For the naughtiness of a little granddaughter who has yet to learn the value of a library book, because it is evidence that she is so small and the world has a spark plug in its future:



For the barely tickle of a roly poly or ladybug crawling on skin.

For new friends Jenna and Sophia, two young women who have touched my life profoundly this week.

For a little dachshund (wiener dog) sitting on a chair next to his owner in the breakfast room, so well-behaved and waiting patiently for his breakfast, too. He made me miss Ginger, Delores…

For buddy cards that have been written each day. “Baby Bear,” our new adopted daughter/friend, wrote this one for me that made me melt.


For the delicious smells of bacon and coffee.

For beautiful blue eyes that still make my heart sing.


And for the way that counting these blessings one by one slows time down and allows me to savor each moment and each gift. Life is too short to hurry through and become so busy we stop enjoying the blessing of breathing and fully living. I am thank-full.


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