mel·an·chol·y = sober thoughtfulness; pensiveness.


Parker and Reilly August 2013

I miss these two girls today. A lot. Days like today, with the rain falling and the sunshine hidden from view, make me fairly melancholy. I am sad that Parker and Reilly are growing up and we do not know each other any more. I am very grateful, though, that they have wonderful parents who love them enough to take them on adventures and are teaching them how to do love and not just talk about it. I am grateful that they have parents who take risks and follow their heart, grateful that the girls are growing up with “less,” so that they learn the lesson of appreciation. I have much to be grateful for – their lives are so blessed and I count it one of the greatest privileges in my life to call them my granddaughters. My selfishness and self-pity are weaknesses that God and I continue to work on.

I am grateful for memories of Mom’s little plastic rain bonnets that came in little squares or in little plastic containers, apparently very convenient to carry in her large purses, ready to be unwrapped at a moment’s notice. I always thought they were the strangest things and not-so-lovely, but as I walked into work this morning, I could certainly appreciate their usefulness on days like this. I have visions of Mom in her plastic rain bonnet and her cat-eye glasses…I miss my Mom.


I am grateful for rainy days when the rain is just steady and constant, no lightning, no thunder, just showers of blessings that make the world a beautiful place to live, washing away the grime and making the grass and flowers and crops grow.


While we are creating sophisticated organizations and employing the latest technology to win the world to Christ, let us not forget that our neighbor judges Jesus Christ by what he see in us. – Chuck Colson


I am grateful for my umbrella that is strong and large and easy to open and close.

I am grateful for a melted Hershey bar.


Thought Bubbles


Like this one: I am grateful for men who wear ironed dress shirts and tuck them in. I still do not understand the acceptable fashion of wearing dress shirts untucked, especially on men older than…30.

I am grateful for the the sound Bible pages make when I’m searching for particular passages – the rustling of those thin pages is music to my ears. Think about it – when was the last time you heard that noise in church? It’s a lost sound these days. I miss hearing multiple Bibles being used at the same time.


And I am grateful for my nephew Adam. Today, he leaves for basic training. I am so proud of him for making this decision to serve his country and as an 18 year old, he is taking the bull by the horns and is beginning to map out his future. I cannot even imagine the anguish and pride his parents and his little brother are feeling right now. God, bless this family and keep Adam wrapped tightly in Your arms. Bring people into his life who will positively influence him, will guide him in the right way, will show him how to trust in You when he is afraid or discouraged. Remind him to call home every now and then and to never forget all of the lessons he has learned from his Mom and Dad about how to persevere, how to be generous, how to serve others, and how to find joy in the midst of hardships. Thank You for bringing this awesome kid into the world, and thank You for what You are going to do in his life. What a privilege it is to be able to watch from the sidelines.




One thought on “mel·an·chol·y = sober thoughtfulness; pensiveness.

  1. Rhonda – thanks again for your ‘gratefuls’ and I wanted to know what brach of military Adam joined? My grandson – Jeremiah Durham – Mark’s youngest – was sworn into the Marines Monday and left for bootcamp this morn. We will pray for him. Love to you both A. Patsy

    Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2014 16:10:16 +0000 To:

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