Always be a little kinder than necessary. – J. M. Barrie


This video is a great way to start this day:

It’s Gonna Be a LOVELY DAY!

I am grateful for the pleasantness of morning sunshine on my face.

I am grateful for a restless night of sleep, thinking about and praying for Adam and wondering what he was experiencing on his first night in the Army.

I am grateful that Josephine and Violet and Mom taught great songs in Children’s Church, which makes me grateful for all kinds of “sunshine songs,” like:

  1. Climb, climb up sunshine mountain, heavenly breezes blow; climb, climb up sunshine mountain, faces all aglow. Turn, turn your back on evil, look to God on high, climb, climb up sunshine mountain, you and I! 
  2. Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy…
  3. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…
  4. There is sunshine in my soul today, more glorious and bright. Than glows in any earthly sky, for Jesus is my Light! Oh, there’s sunshine, blessed sunshine…
  5. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, to shine for Him each day…
  6. So let the sun shine in, face it with a grin, smilers never lose, and frowners never win…


I am grateful for shopping carts with good wheels.

I am grateful for free evenings with nothing to do but enjoy.

I am grateful to have had the most attendees ever at Bingo last night.


Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can’t keep it from themselves.


I am grateful for an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator again.

I am grateful for outdoor concerts, sitting on a blanket, and an absence of mosquitoes.

I am grateful for the spanking the Spurs gave to the Heat last night.

I am grateful for porch swings.


I am grateful for the warm, fuzzy feelings of seeing sprinkles on cookies and cupcakes and not having to save them for the children.

I am grateful for the smell of neighbors cooking out on the grill.

I am grateful for seedless watermelon.



I am grateful for happy memories of playing board games.

I am grateful for bug spray.

I am grateful for one of my favorites: confetti angel food cake with whipped topping.

I am grateful for memories of Mom’s fried chicken.

I am grateful for an email from my brother last night with loads of wisdom in it. He has so much on his plate but took the time to encourage me. And for that, I am very grateful.




3 thoughts on “Always be a little kinder than necessary. – J. M. Barrie

  1. Wow…
    You are amazing sis. I stumbled on your page by accident, well certainly not by accident– since nothing happens by accident in God’s world, but I was following one of your graphics (which I am borrowing by the way) as I searched for images for my morning message. And it led me to you. I just want to say thank you. Many of your “gratitudes” are much better than mine. I pray God continue to bless you, as you have blessed me this day …

    • Wow! What a beautiful surprise in my inbox! Thank you for your kind words – my simple little blog is part of my healing and accountability for myself. It’s always a bit of a surprise when someone “out there” reads my posts – other than my immediate family, that is. I’m sure a lot of it doesn’t pertain to anyone who doesn’t know me, but I hope that by counting the little things as well as the big things, SOMEone will receive a blessing and a gentle reminder to be grateful for it ALL, because it ALL is a gift from God. Now, I shall follow YOU and see what YOU write!

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