Ama, sing another song!


I am grateful for fireworks that amaze and delight the senses.

I am grateful for the times when I can sit downwind and smell the spent fireworks. Mmmmmm…I love that smell.

I am grateful to have seen the looks on shoppers faces yesterday when they walked by two little grandchildren singing at the top, and I mean AT THE TOP, of their lungs: “I may never march in the iffatree, wide in the cabaree, shoot the awtilluhee, I may never fwy ore the enemy, but I’m in the Lord’s army, YES SIR!!!!!!

I am grateful for memories of 4th of July parades with my Mom and Dad, and Karissa and Katrina.

I am grateful for memories of past 4ths: walking to the fireworks stand with my brother and sister and Dad, climbing up on the roof in San Antonio and watching fireworks shows all over the city with my girls, lighting BlackCats in the trees and running away fast, watching the snakes curl on the sidewalk and smelling their wonderful smell, punks, sparklers, smoke bombs, those special fireworks with the parachute guy, splurging to get a few Roman candles, watching my brothers light fireworks for the whole neighborhood in the middle of Wichita street, red and blue finger jello, fried chicken, watermelon, corn on the cob, and flag cake, and feeling such pride hearing my daughter sing the National Anthem.

I am grateful for a little granddaughter who makes me laugh. She saw my brown casual sandals yesterday and said, “Jesus had shoes just like that, too!”

I am grateful my daughter is beginning to feel better.

I am grateful for an air mattress.

I am grateful to be so privileged to have a tiny one wake up before the sunrise and come see me in my room.

I am grateful for air conditioning in this Texas heat.

I am grateful for a church that provides meals for the family.

I am grateful that this beautiful family dresses in festive matching clothes from Daddy down to the littlest angel.

I am grateful for a walk this morning with the newest drivers on the road.

image image image

I am grateful that Sam is with his family and in the tractor doing what he loves to do, although we all miss him here. The very first question I was asked by the two oldest: “Where’s Sam?!?!”

I am grateful to work with friends who call and text and email, wanting to know updates. I feel very loved.

I am grateful for my devotion this morning that talked about making this Independence Day an internal Independence Day, and allow the Holy Spirit to free me from the past, from the guilt, from the shame, from the worry. Jesus came to give us life abundant and came to share grace and show us how to share grace with others. This is a perfect day to allow Him to free us from the chains that hold us back. Freedom day…Independence Day.

I am grateful for wipes, because when there aren’t any, things can get ugly. And smelly.

And I am grateful that my grandchildren love to sing with me.


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