My heart feels like it is full of bottle rockets.


This is why:



I was able to spend 4 1/2 days with my daughter and her beautiful family, and I am so grateful for that time.

I am grateful that life is mostly sweet.

I am grateful for bugs on the windshield – it means a road trip happened.

I am grateful that every weekend for the next month is completely full – life is full of bottle rockets, and life is too short to not enjoy family and friends and take road trips and do something different just for the experience of it all. Weekdays in the summer are for routine and being home. Weekends in the summer of 2014 are for adventure. Yee haw!


I am grateful for dollar stores.

I am grateful for transparency, people who are who they are and don’t pretend to be someone they are not. I am grateful that I finally learned this lesson, no, I am finally LEARNING this lesson, and have quit trying to act religious when my heart wasn’t there. I am grateful that I have learned to just be me and love Jesus, love everyone in my life no matter their “leaning,” DO love instead of talk about it. I am grateful that I don’t have to speak or write a bunch of words that I don’t back up behind closed doors. I am grateful that my life behind closed doors is an actual reflection now of who I am – no more masks, no more putting on a front for the world to see, no more happy smiles hiding pain and misery and discontent and depression. I love to see Jesus truly reflected in others – servants who walk it, not just talk it – servants whose talk is a reflection of “Jesus bottle rockets” in their heart.  It’s that Colossians 4:5-6 thing…and I hope people can see it in me.

I am grateful for Sam – he talked me home last night. It is true. He wakes up every day with the “mission” to brighten someone’s day. Another reason to love him.

I am grateful for rice krispy treats.

I am grateful for beautiful followers of Jesus who offered grace and showed compassion to my daughter and her family.

Today will never come again.

I am grateful for a night of rest.

I am grateful for iced tea on a hot day.

I am grateful to have skipped hand-in-hand with Anissa down a WalMart aisle.

I am grateful for a current picture of me with my grandchildren – miracles do happen.

Independence Weekend

I am grateful for good elastic in socks.

I am grateful for lots of laughter while playing Scattergories with my daughter and son-in-law on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

I am grateful for sparkle-y fireworks while sitting with a squirmy granddaughter on my lap.

I am grateful for saltine crackers.

I am grateful for this song that has played in my mind all morning – my girls ensemble sang it once upon a time. You should listen to it:

This Day


This day is fragile soon it will end
And once it has vanished, it will not come again
So let us love with a love pure and strong
Before this day is gone

This day is fleeting when it slips away
Not all our money can buy back this day
So let us pray that we might be a friend
Before this day is spent

This day we’re given is golden
Let us show love
This day is ours for one moment
Let us sow love

This day is frail it will pass by
So before it’s too late to recapture the time
Let us share love, let us share God
Before this day is gone

Before this day is gone


I am grateful for people who compliment parents (and Ama) on their gorgeous and well-behaved children. I need to do that more often for others. It certainly is an igniter of bottle rockets in the heart.

I am grateful for friends who kept me awake on Tuesday evening as I drove – thank you, Sam, Dwight, Karen and Geri.

And I am grateful for this wisdom from author Ann Voskamp:



Photo: Hey Soul? We all get the gift of 168 hours this week. 
"Make the most of every opportunity." Col.4:5 
And you get to decide if you will spend those 168 hrs distressed, discontent, distracted, discouraged, dissatisfied... or -- if you want to spend those hrs enjoying, entrusting, engaging, encouraging… enriched.
The only decision you have to make today is -- 
what you’ll do with your time.  
#PreachingGospeltoMyself #EnjoyGod #Smile #EntrustItToGod #1000Gifts


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