Failure is not a deal breaker in my house.


I am grateful for Winnie the Pooh. Such innocence, simplicity, and a wonderful storybook world to escape.

I am grateful for my family full of the most wonderful Aunts and Uncles, and I am grateful that I belong to a family who cherishes getting together and keeping reunions alive.

I am grateful for a daughter who insists on taking pictures, even when it’s 117 degrees outside. Because without her insistence, we wouldn’t have the visual memories. Thank you, Karissa.  The only one missing was GG…

Grants Farm 2

ArchAt the topNever thought I’d sit in a pod again. But there were NINE of us in that little thing, and it certainly helped to hang on to a granddaughter, because it forced me to remain calm and act like my heart wasn’t racing.In the pod


I am grateful for a peanut butter sandwich made by my daughter.



I am grateful for the blessing of my friend Grace and her mom, Roxanne.

I am grateful that my sister and her daughter were such entertainment for my grandchildren.


“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” – Winnie the Pooh


I am grateful for the smell of coffee, no matter the time of day. Just the smell, not the taste.

I am grateful for a little red cardinal sitting on a snow-covered pine cone to hang on the tree. Thank you, Aunt Patsy. May the world be full of cardinals to remind us of Mom.


I am grateful for guests who wash their sheets and make the beds so that we don’t have to when we arrive back home. Thank you, Marlene/Laundry Queen.

I am grateful for the gift of really good water pressure when taking a shower.

I am grateful for Geri’s email that makes me miss her SO MUCH today.



And I am grateful for this, taken from an article written by Jen Hatmaker to moms, because it reminds me of my parents who showed grace and taught me by example how to love like Jesus. In the midst of my big fail, their love covered a multitude of sin, and when others decided to walk away and/or righteously scold and advise, Mom and Dad just hugged me tighter and loved me even more. Their work is complete, and for that, I am so grateful for their example:

Failure is not a deal-breaker in this house. Love indeed covers a multitude of sins. If Jesus told us to forgive our enemies, then certainly we are to forgive our own flesh and blood, especially the ones we gave life to.

Mamas, we discipline to teach our children responsibility, honesty, character, and godliness – all important. But we forgive to teach them mercy, kindness, gentleness, and grace – all equally important. We communicate to them, “This is not a perfect family; it’s a human family held together by love, compassion, and a lot of duct tape.” We must get vulnerable and honest with our children, sharing our mistakes and identifying with them way down deep in their guilt, teaching them that we are safe and they need never hide from us.

Your kids will fail in sometimes epic, embarrassing ways. Like you did. Like I did. This doesn’t mean you’ve done a sorry job as a parent or your child is destined for the penitentiary. It just means God has given you yet another chance to act justly, to love mercy, and to learn to walk humbly with Him. If motherhood hasn’t taught us to die to self, then we haven’t been paying a lick of attention.

It also means he is training your children in the safest possible place: your home. Where they know they are beloved no matter, accepted regardless, forgiven always. Not only do we shape their character but we give them security, so easy to learn early but so difficult to learn later. Teaching our kids what to do with failure – in our choices, with each other – is one of the most important lessons, one they will return to until the grave.

May we show our children grace today, modeling Jesus to our young ones until they are old enough to taste His goodness and see for themselves. And one day, they’ll make the connection between the Jesus in their mother’s heart and the Jesus in theirs, and our work will be complete.


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