Whiter than snow…


I am grateful for crisp carrots, sweet watermelon, and tart apples.

I am grateful for automatic online giving so that my tithe is never late.

I am grateful that my co-worker friend is back from vacation.

I am grateful that the Royals are WINNING again!

I am grateful for the sweetest thank you cards from Karissa, Anissa, and Andrae.

I am grateful for emails from former students (Erin and Nanette, I WILL email you back this week!) and for former students who want to connect with me again on Facebook.

I am grateful that the office across the hall is finally going to be opened and I won’t be staring at an ugly blank door any longer.

I am grateful for my piano to play whenever I want. 

I am grateful for new ideas. My head is spinning with them today. Ideas for a special birthday this week, ideas for our 2nd annual Counting Our Blessings party, ideas for a fanny pack video, ideas for weekend getaways. Oh, if only I could make it all happen!

I am grateful for groceries in the house again.

I am grateful for my roses that have opened up and are HUMONGOUS.

I am grateful for Max and the blessing he shared with us on Saturday evening when he began singing, “Let the Lower Lights Be Burning” as we drove in the truck.

I am grateful for underwear. Think about it.

I am grateful for a beautiful super moon last night to enjoy. I can just imagine what it looked like from Dad’s 9th floor apartment. Lucky duck.

And I am grateful  for this:



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