It caused my SOUL to sing.


I am grateful for farmers markets.

I am grateful for 1st days of school, for brand new spiral notebooks, for being the student who gets a NEW textbook all pretty and clean and unblemished, for the smell of lunch wafting down the halls, for the temporary determination to make THIS year better than last, for the first homework assignment and the care taken to make no mistakes in my handwriting, for a clean locker all organized, for a new Trapper Keeper and a pencil pouch, and for memories of being allowed to drive to school for the first time.


Dorky me would have chosen one like this.


I am grateful for the smooth feeling of shaved legs.

I am grateful for celery that is not bitter.

I am grateful for my newfound love of the Royals. I wish Mom were here to enjoy their success with Dad and the rest of us who are fans.



I am grateful for the talent of Robin Williams.

I am grateful for the hard, dedicated work of Dean, Sandy and their girls – they put together a wonderful family directory to keep us all in touch and together.

I am grateful for dental floss.

I am grateful for ice cream before bedtime. What a simple but marvelous routine my parents began when I was young. Everyone should eat a small bit of something they love just before they go to bed.


I am grateful for a lunch time phone call from my Dad. He just wanted to ask me if I had watched Royals player Jarrod Dyson do his backflip last night, a guy having fun at his “job.” He commented how much fun Dwight has at his “job,” taking senior pictures, and Dad wanted to make sure I am also having fun at my job. What a wonderful middle-of-the-day surprise – nothing beats a call from Dad.

The backflip. 


I wish I could effectively write with descriptive words that paint the correct picture. I’m not very good at it, but this is the best I can do at work, in the middle of computer searching otherwise known as digital peeping-Tomming otherwise known as headhunting via internet. It’s one of those “you had to be there” experiences, and I’m writing it for me, so that I do not forget:

We could have just stayed at home and watched the game. We could have been too busy cleaning up the kitchen or doing those tasks that keep getting further down the list. We could have been too tired from the stress of the day. But instead, we decided to go. Instead, we decided to pursue, to seek, to do something different on a Monday evening.

I am grateful for moments that don’t slip by unnoticed.

I am grateful for a partner who has decided that life is too short to miss simple, wonderful opportunities and insists on capturing moments.

I am grateful for the privilege last night to get on the bike and ride to a spot in the city where we could wait for the sun to set and watch the beautiful twilight sky with its hues of pastel colors slowly turn to night. We wanted to catch the moonrise. As we sat on the bike and watched the show in our own little world, the cool breeze in our hair, deer bounding through the soybean field in front of us on their way to play with friends, we enjoyed the sounds of the evening – locusts and katydids beginning their night songs, traffic in the distance, music coming from the cars of passersby, and the beautiful silence. Silence that wrapped itself around us, silence that was loud, silence that we could feel as His creation called out, “Pay attention. Don’t miss My miracle that is in front of you, above you, beneath you!” We sat in silence and shared gratitude for this heavenly gift.  And just when we thought that maybe Mr. Moon had decided to take a night off, it peeked with brilliance over the trees in the distance, and the glowing orange moon graced us with its presence on the horizon. Breathtaking…causing my SOUL to sing in the silence, “how great Thou art.”

So, finally, I am grateful for the beauty of a moonrise.


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