Pardon the interruption…

My life has once again been interrupted. It seems to happen to me more often than not in this season of life. Just when I get comfortable, God places a person, an event, a situation, a book, right in front of me with a big silent, “Hullo…, DUH!, KNOCK KNOCK, WAKE UP!”

That is exactly what this book has done to me. For three years now, God has been preparing my heart for this message. He strategically led me to Church of the Resurrection and the teaching and practice of healing grace that is so evident in every message/mission in the church. He strategically placed my counselor in my life for a reason. He strategically put the message of “Love Does” by Bob Goff into my hands through my daughter and son-in-law, and 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (Like Me) by John Fischer through my cousin Mark and Aunt Patsy. He spoke through the challenge of my sister to be grateful for three things each day and look for His miracles everywhere around me. 

And it all led me to Jen Hatmaker’s, “Interrupted.”  God has used this beautiful, crazy, radical girl’s story to affect me. To change my direction. To interrupt my comfortable world. And for that, and for what is to come, I am extremely grateful today.

One of my many favorite quotes from this book:

I’m going to gamble on the fact that Jesus didn’t have much patience with believers who attempted to limit the scope of “who my neighbor is” to the fewest possible people (see Luke 10:25-37). Jesus always colored outside the lines here, extending grace and healing to those well beyond His people group. He often healed people first; they believed second. If I’m wrong, the worst thing that could happen is that some desperate people are cared for, and I’m guessing that Jesus will look the other way. He seems to favor unmerited grace. To me, this is a wheat-and-weeds issue, and since that’s not my call to make, I’ll just err on the side of mercy and let Jesus sort it out at the harvest.

I have extra copies that I am just itching to pass on if you would like to accept my challenge to read and allow your life to be interrupted, too. Just let me know, and one will be on the way to you.

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2 thoughts on “Pardon the interruption…

  1. Hi Rhonda, i saw a quote from Francis Chan (who i love!) above the comments section here and was reminded of his sermon titled “Lukewarm and Loving It” (you can find it on youtube if you are not already familiar with it), which is an equally convicting wake-up-call for American believers as it appears Jen’s book is. i think i’d like to read it myself now after reading all these reviews. 🙂 Though the copies you are offering should probably go to your regular readers.. this is my first time on your blog, getting here by way of the link-up from Jen’s blog.. should one of your extra copies not find a home, i’d love to give it one, at least temporarily because i’m known to pass good books on! Peace to you grateful sis. Glory to Yah, halleluyah!

  2. Yes! I would love to receive a copy or two if you have more than one to give away! I plan to go through this with the girl I’m mentoring in the next month! So glad to see how God is using this book to wake His Church up1

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