Loving people the way Jesus did means constantly taking cuts to the back of the line. – Love Does


Today, I am grateful for Jared, who shared this on Facebook:

Not only that, he shared 14,000,000 pictures with an Ama/Mom who otherwise would not have had any of those pictures of a beautiful weekend in Texas. 

I am grateful for my CASA girl who has planted roots in my heart and is another reason to smile deep down. Spending an hour with her each week is never enough for this Mom-who-misses-her-girls.

I am grateful for rain showers this morning.

I am grateful that the 10th inning didn’t last forever. Talk about a roller coaster ride that didn’t end well…

I am grateful for disposable containers that aren’t disposable in my cupboards and work just fine without spending mucho money on the expensive stuff.

I am grateful for a new CD given to me by my foster parents and CASA girl. I felt very special last night.

I am grateful that I will see Fabien after work.

I am grateful for that feeling I rarely get when I pull that shirt out of the washing machine after treating the stain and it pre-treatment actually worked.

I am grateful for the loudest choir of locusts who are all singing at the top of their locust lungs which they probably don’t have but I have no idea what causes them to be able to sing…so locust lungs it is.

I am grateful for the smell of meat on the grill. Grilling. Smoking. You know, when the grill is hot hot hot. A cold grill and raw meat…not so much.

I am grateful for the automated “ATM” postage/shipping machine at the USPS. The office wasn’t open when I arrived this morning and I wasn’t about to sit in the parking lot for another 20 minutes, and then I noticed the banner about the automated machine inside the lobby that does packages, too! It was so un-government-like and technologically wonderful and perfect and easy to figure out! And Geri’s box is outa here!

I am grateful that the bathroom is close by because I’d NEVER make it on this gallon of water a day habit otherwise.

I am grateful for Fanny Crosby and the impact her work has had on my life.

And I am grateful that it is Friday and Labor Day weekend.

Photo: Happy Weekend! ☀️



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