I am grateful to finally, after all these years, know “the Peace that passeth all understanding.”


I am grateful for memories of the time in Oklahoma putting on “Oklahoma!”:

  • Memories of Roman riding down the middle of the aisle in the CBA gym on a horse, the smell of popcorn in the air, and hearing him serenade the audience singing, “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day…”
  • Teaching all of those kids a folk dance for the auction scene and “The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends”
  • Meghan and that crazy cackle
  • Danny in a plaid suit and silly grin
  • Melissa in that bright red lipstick and her flirty ways as Ado Annie
  • Seeing Vangie do her ballet in a CBA program
  • The fun of putting on a huge production with my students

Good times.


I am grateful for showers of blessings, for morning thunder, for good windshield wipers, for a sturdy umbrella, and for the quiet of the car on the drive to work in the rain.

I am grateful for the strength of Gaither music that has been deeply imbedded in my heart and life over the years.

I am grateful for my first invitation to a Grandparent’s Day even though I cannot attend – hopefully there will be more.

I am grateful for roasted almonds with sea salt.

I am grateful that tomorrow is my Friday.

And I am grateful for this song that has played in my mind all morning. Not very many will recognize it, but I’m fairly certain Aunt Patsy will:

You ask me why my heart keeps singing

Why I can sing when things go wrong.

But since I’ve found the source of music

I just can’t help it. God gave the song.



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