Life is like an ice cream cone. You have to lick it one day at a time. – Charles Shulz

I’ve begun my new book, Speak, by Nish Weiseth, and all I had read was the 1-1/2 page forward and my response was WOW. WOW. WOW. I am giddy excited, to say the least. Here’s a taste:

In the fall of 2010, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and hear Ann Voskamp, author of the New York Times bestseller One Thousand Gifts. In her message, Ann made one remark that got under my skin. She was speaking about using writing as a way to glorify God when she instructed the audience, “Give me your story, not your sermon.”

It was my “lightbulb” moment.

For some time now, I have had this tiny voice inside my rambling head – okay, and Sam, too,  convicting me to write my story. I remember when I first read my Mom’s essays about incidents in her life, and how enlightening her stories were to me. I never knew…

This book is going to propel me forward, I do believe. Even if no one ever reads my story other than my husband, or my counselor, or my sister, I need to tell my story. I need to write. It’s healing. And I think it’s the next thing I am supposed to do on my journey. So, I am grateful for my new book, again. I am grateful for this blogger-turned-author named Nish who is going to have an impact on me. But, back to reality for now, and what has been swimming in my head this morning:

I am grateful for my favorite cartoon characters. I resemble them in so many ways…

Snoopy – I love to eat. I love to eat the same thing, pretty much day in and day out. Not dog food. Chips… I love to play. I love to stare up at the sky and just relax. I love to explore. I love to snoop. It’s what I do every day at work. I snoop. I’m snoopy.

Woodstock – Many times, I feel so small and insignificant, and I’m fairly certain no one understands a word I am saying.

Charlie Brown – I get depressed. I think the world hates me. I wanna spill all of my problems.

Lucy – I think I know it all. I think I’m all that. I think I can counsel others.

Pig Pen – Sometimes the dirt and sin I think is so well-hidden is actually so blatantly obvious to everyone else. If I don’t take a bath, my dirt affects everyone.

Schroeder – I like to put my head down and just play my piano. It’s great therapy.

Linus – I like a good blanket, and I believe with my whole heart, I have faith in what I cannot see, just not so much in the Great Pumpkin.

Teacher – Thank you, Captain Obvious. (see my Chatterbox post from earlier this week…)

And finally, Charles Schulz – I need to write. Drawing, not so much. Writing, I could do all the day long.

I am grateful for Charles Shulz and his brilliance that makes me smile almost daily. Grateful to be licking it one day at a time.

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