I need a haircut. I need my hair magician for a hair transformation. Almost ready to go Adam-ized.

I am grateful that reunion decisions have been finalized and I will be able to get a letter out this weekend.

I am grateful for good spatulas.

I am grateful for envelopes with those strips that you pull off for the adhesive instead of using your tongue.

I am grateful for the smell of new money, gasoline, rubber cement, Joyce’s tomato soup, Lisa’s lotion, and my Vintage Patchouli Pickwick candle.

Surely what a man does when he is taken off his guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is. ― C.S. Lewis

I am grateful that I am not an EMT, paramedic, nurse, physician, or any other kind of health care provider. I read this quote from C.S. Lewis and loved it, but it immediately took me back to 1990 when I was waiting under the portico for the kindergarten classes to be dismissed for carpool. Mrs. Gant’s class was very late, so I went around the corner to see what the hold-up was all about and usher them out to get in line. I looked through the window of her classroom, and she was sprawled on the floor with children looking confused and noisy and not under her usual control. I PANICKED and ran into the teacher workroom to call the office on the intercom. Why in the world I didn’t pick up the phone directly under the intercom and call 9-1-1, I’ll never know. What I DO know is this: I am not good in emergencies. I also learned quickly that I better know CPR from now on.  Fortunately, Mrs. Gant recovered from her heart attack and came back to teach again. Rescue hero FAILURE on my part. I was taken off my guard and the evidence proved me to be a big huge FLOP.

I am grateful for my book! Can’t wait to read this weekend.

I am grateful for Chip the Monk, my little buddy who hides in the flower beds outside the building. He makes me smile in the mornings, and “he” is probably a “she” or could be a dozen different ones, but I prefer to think that Chip the Monk is the one and only and appears just for me, saying, “Good morning and here’s your reason to smile as you walk in the door today.”

I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer last night at our church bookstore for the Leadership Institute. I feel like we didn’t do much but it was fun to see how it all works and meet several people from as far away as New Jersey and Wisconsin.

I am grateful for laughter in the midst of pain.

I am grateful that I am not an IT person. As in I.T. I do not understand cords and plugs and towers and boxes and boards and gigabytes and I now have a headache.

I am grateful to have spent my afternoon yesterday with a new friend. I love when one of those encounters happens – you just know it when you know it, and I know that Julie is a long lost friend, or at least it sure felt like it. She is someone I could spend hours upon hours with and always wish for more time. She’s fun, and she’s so real. Thanks for a beautiful afternoon of sharing and listening, Julie.

I am grateful that my CASA girl will get her bike soon.

I am grateful for another new book, this time from Karissa! She sent me Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind, and I’m anxious to get to chapter 10 that she keeps referencing. But I have to finish Speak first. I’m not a multi-reader.

I am grateful for several text messages from Katrina this week, and for a few pictures of Parker in her new clothes.

I am grateful for pretty colors of mums this time of the year.

I am grateful for a very encouraging CASA supervisor who makes me feel that I am not a total disappointment.

I am grateful for Valerie’s story about Brandon and the dandelions out in the yard…

I want to always see a wish.

And finally, I am grateful for Michelle and somehow miss her all the more when my hair looks like it does right now.

I’m sorry you’re having a bad hair day. Oh. You’re not? Oops.

One thought on “I need a haircut. I need my hair magician for a hair transformation. Almost ready to go Adam-ized.

  1. First of all, I got a huge lump in my throat, fighting back tears of joy, when I read your post about yesterday afternoon. All I can say is that I feel the same way about you!

    Number 2: I am a complete idiot in panic situations. So just know that you are NOT alone….AND we better make sure we bring along a level headed quick thinking friend, the next time we’re together. 🙂

    C: I read Battlefield of the Mind several years ago and I really liked it.

    And cuatro: Dandelions make me smile. I think of my youngest every time I see them.

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