It was a dahk and stoimy day.

I am grateful for the beautiful sound this morning as I sat in my car at a stoplight. I was under an enormous cloud of rain that decided to spill over onto my roof, and it was HEAVENLY.

It was like sitting on the curb on a hot summer morning, waiting for the band to come marching down the street.  The music started out quietly, and I strained to hear more. And then, the little drops introduced me to bigger drops that made glorious music. As the car began to move, the pitter-patter  increased in speed and developed a higher timbre, and then the wipers joined in, sounding like a tuba playing a steady “OOOM-pah, OOOm-pah, OOOM-pah” as the big bass drum thunder occasionally added a boom to the wet symphony. I parked in the parking lot and sat in silence, enjoying the concert. I am grateful that God gives this gift of a thunderstorm, and I am grateful that I am in a place to fully appreciate its magnificence.

I am grateful for a roll of stamps and extra envelopes, so that I could finish my family reunion mailing.

I am grateful for people in my life who have chosen to go on and not dwell on my past. I am also grateful for the friends and family in my life who were distant but have reconnected and have decided that I am worth getting to know again.

I am grateful for the way that God brings people to mind – I’m still praying for “our pastors” in Minnesota and Kentucky and North Carolina, and I love how their names randomly appear in the first folder of my mental filing cabinet.

I am grateful for McDonalds Monopoly stamps that are instant winners.

I am grateful for people with southern accents, Boston accents, and Australian accents. They make me smile.

I am grateful for people who enjoy the rain and dance in it.

I am grateful for the brightest crayons in the box.


I am grateful that after my CASA visit, tonight will be a night to sit on the couch on watch some baseball. Go Royals! Be Royal.

Have you noticed what has happened in our culture the past few years? And yes, I am just as guilty of this. People have quit saying, “Hi!” and have replaced it with “Hey.”

I would like “Hi!” to come back. I would like for “Hey” to go back to the barn.

So, I am grateful for the handful of people who still say, “Hi!” May your numbers increase, beginning with…mwah.


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