I am grateful for pretty leaves that are stuck to the windshield after the rain.

I am grateful for a microwave so that I can have a “baked” potato in a matter of minutes.

I am grateful that I have a blue shirt to wear today.

I am grateful to have had the joy of doing dishes last night with my CASA girl.

I am grateful that she has such a loving home to be in, that she has such wonderful foster parents, and that she has three sisters to fill her life with laughter and drama and family.

I am grateful for my daughter who shares so freely how God speaks to her and teaches her new lessons every day.

I am grateful that I like to edit.

I am grateful that my husband brought me some medicine for my headache.

I am grateful for chicken tortilla soup.

I am grateful for a new picture hung.

I am grateful that the Royals play tonight. I love birds, I love Orioles, but tonight and for the next few days, they are on my hit list.

I am grateful for the simple pleasure of late night Freddy’s chocolate custard in the quiet of the pickup, sitting in the driveway, listening to the falling rain.

I am grateful for eyes that smile.

I am grateful for pretty buttons on clothes. I remember Mom’s jar of buttons and how fun it was to search through them, looking for just the right one.

I am grateful that I am self-sufficient enough to do simple car tasks – I can fill my tank, I can check my tires, I can check the oil and antifreeze/water and washer fluid, and I wash a pretty mean windshield, too. Thanks, Dad.

I am grateful for plumbers.

I am grateful for KitKat bars and peanut butter chocolate kiss cookies and chocolate cupcakes with surprise peanut butter filling and melty peanut M&Ms. Yes, I’m hungry.

And I am grateful for the anticipation of a fire in the fireplace.

May you always find three welcomes in life:
In a garden during summer,
At a fireside during winter,
And whatever the day or season,
In the kind eyes of a friend.


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