Laughter is a smile that bursts.

I am grateful for a coin in my pocket, waiting to be moved to the other pocket as soon as I do something EXTRA kind, EXTRA nice, EXTRA compassionate, for someone else today.

I am grateful for hymns that fill my mind.

I am grateful for squirrels with mouths full, as long as they aren’t on our roof. Or preferably anywhere near our house. It’s okay if they are across the street or here at the office. And I am grateful for little Chipster who greeted me this morning when I walked into the office. He can visit anytime.

I am grateful to hear sweet words every morning and every evening, and even throughout the day.

From Ann Voskamp today:

You’re up & at ’em, fighting your own fires today — and Every Single Person you meet is fighting their own fire today.
So thank the kid who is trying hard today to just show up when he wants to give up, thank that mom who fought the heat & fear of failure and got up to face the kids today with this brave smile, thank everybody you meet on a Monday, because everybody who gets up & does their work, desperately needs a thumbs up that their work really matters. “Love one another. In the same way I loved you, *you love one another*” John13:34
Thank the garbageman, the postman, every man, woman & child who needs to know that their brave is making the world a better place.
Because the radical thing is:

*and that unexpectedly makes everything better for everyone* – Ann Voskamp

I am grateful today that my brother and my Dad are okay after hitting a deer on their way to our home on Friday night. I am grateful for a totaled van. Totaled van is okay. Totaled Dad and brother…not okay.

I am grateful for laughter on a Sunday morning about a Gerber Ultraflush 1000. A forceful toilet, apparently. Hearing my brother and my husband outdo each other with their hillbilly accents while tiling in the basement forced much laughter, that’s for sure.

I am grateful that my sister has become my Mother. On Saturday evening, she actually said in conversation something about “cooking wieners.” What in the world.  WHO SAYS WIENERS ANYMORE?! Talk about laughter in the house. Wow.

I am grateful for a quiet car ride with jazz music playing softly.

I am grateful for wonderful memories of homemade egg noodles drying on the counter. Or the washing machine. Because that would be the most logical place to dry egg noodles in the world of my Mother.

I am grateful for a beautiful clean car after a lunch time oil change.

I am grateful for free tickets to hear Philip Yancey speak in two weeks! I have three tickets, so if someone wants to go with us, LET ME KNOW. I could most likely get a few more…

And I am grateful for another blog to follow. Wow. I read this story by Allison Hendrix while I waited for the oil change at lunch, and I don’t care if the other clients in the lounge saw me crying. It was a good cry. It only takes two minutes, but you won’t be able to quit thinking about the story for the rest of your day. And hopefully, you’ll share it at dinner this evening. It’s worth sharing with someone else. Seriously. Read it and then share it.

When strangers become your people

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