Welcome to Kansas City, Siberia.

I am grateful for bitter cold,

  1. Because it allows me to appreciate the warmth of our home;
  2. Because there’s something about breathing in that first breath of such cold air that makes you feel so alive;
  3. Because I love layers and coats and fluffy socks and boots;
  4. Because there’s almost nothing better than hot chocolate;
  5. And because even if I can’t do this while I’m at work, I like daydreaming about curling up with a good book and being all wrapped warm in my Private Quarters blanket.

I am grateful that so many people are recognizing veterans today. This should be a national holiday, not just for government and bank employees.

I am grateful that I can move the coin from one pocket to the other today.

I am grateful for a nice evening of standing outside to hold a flashlight while silly Sam decided he needed to dig some more in the hole in the dark in the bitter cold, and then coming inside to watch the rest of The Voice and Blacklist while enjoying chocolate peanut butter ice cream. We have a pretty good life, we do.

I am grateful for the BEST NUMBER IN THE WHOLE WORLD, eleven, because today is DOUBLE eleven. DOUBLE double one.

I am grateful for a co-worker who brought treats for Bingo prizes tonight.

I am grateful for a phone call with my Dad and sister last night, and for the phone call from my daughter this morning. I love my family.

Jonah 3-4 and Matthew 20:1-16 are stinging me today. For that, I am grateful. I guess it is called “conviction.” And it’s sticking to me like goose feathers to packing tape. I am grateful that I have a Friend who will work with me on my weakness and He allows me the room to work it out.

And I am grateful for bacon. But not in hot chocolate. WITH, maybe, but not IN.

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