It’s bubbling, it’s bubbling, it’s bubbling in my soul.

I am grateful for bubbles. I don’t know who decided that “bubbles” was the word for those round things that pop, but it is the perfect word for them. Gum bubbles, soap bubbles, Dr. Pepper bubbles…happy round things, and even their name sounds happy.

I am grateful for periods of desert. It is during these times that I am more aware of the need for my Savior, of the need to praise, to be grateful, to reach out and positively affect someone else. So I am also grateful for awareness of my need.

I am grateful for co-workers who show such generosity and are willing to go the extra mile in order to bless someone else. One of my co-workers has chosen to buy Christmas gifts for three CASA children AND any other foster children in the homes they are in currently. On top of that, she has also volunteered to assist the CASA office in wrapping gifts. Another co-worker who lives in New York, has offered to provide a “family outing” gift for an entire CASA family to spend an evening together doing something fun. This is all in addition to my entire office adopting a whole family for Christmas in lieu of an office Christmas party. I am surrounded by huge hearts.

I am grateful for the smell of a clean shirt.

I am grateful for a foster mom who shared this quote with the world.

Perspective is remembering that the people you bump up against every day are “in process.” If God has His way, every last one of them will be restored, redeemed, and remade for His eternal Glory! – Bill Hybels

I am grateful for hot and cold water with the flick of a wrist, a turn of a handle.

I am grateful for the sweetest people on the cleaning crew here at the office. I wish I could understand them better – I am sure they say the same of me.

I am grateful for the coffee group at McDonald’s. I kinda wish I was an older, retired guy so I could join their group.

I am grateful for room in the refrigerator, because it reminds me that I need to get groceries, but it also reminds me that it will be very full in a couple of weeks and I won’t have all the space that looks so clean right now. I don’t like clutter, including in the fridge.

I am so grateful for online shopping these days. I don’t like shopping in stores anymore. It’s depressing because I don’t have a handle on my wants and desires and I have no self-discipline and no money, so when I step foot into a store, I smell those smells and see all the pretties and I just want it all right now. Especially when it comes to toys and kids’ clothes and books and home décor and tools and books and anything wonderful-smelling and plants and flowers and sweaters and books and jackets and men’s clothing and Christmas trees and decorations and Thanksgiving decorations and books.

I am grateful that we will be home tomorrow to enjoy the first snow of the season.

And I am grateful for the reminder today that not only am I “in process,” so is every person I encounter. That alone is enough to show God’s grace and Jesus’ acceptance and do love this weekend.


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