Childhood in one delicious bite.

I am grateful for medicine that keeps me awake in the night, so that I can spend a little quiet time listening to God tell me that life is too short to be fearful of things that may or may not happen, and life is too short to fret over soup served that was not fit for company.

I am grateful for these two beautiful books, two of my favorite stories ever, “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns,” by Khaled Hosseini. I am grateful that they were my introduction to another culture, another world in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I am sad today about the news in Peshawar. My heart hurts for these families and for the students who witnessed such horror.


I am grateful for a thrilling surprise that I opened last night – a Christmas gift from wonderful friends: “The Guide to Kansas Birds and Birding Hotspots,” by Bob Gress, Pete Janzen and Kenn Kaufman. I am so excited to finally learn who lives in our backyard!

I am grateful for fun text messages with Grace during dinner last night.

I am grateful for memories of rare occasions when Mom brought out her cookie press at Christmas time and let me help make cookies with it. I LOVED those edible silver balls that were a rare treat. And the multi-colored confetti sprinkles – ALWAYS choose those first. It’s childhood in one delicious bite.

I am grateful for Linus’ monologue that I will hear tonight:

It’s not Christmas until you listen to this.

I am grateful for naiveté that allows me to trust first and believe that people are good and have the capacity to love and feel remorse.

I am grateful for the voice of James Earl Jones but I am so over the Arby’s commercials.

I am grateful for a picture of my brother that my sister just sent to me, and I am grateful she is with him in this moment.


And I am grateful that my Aunt opened too many Ritz cracker packages so that I would have to bring the opened ones to work just in case I didn’t have any lunch. Like today.


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