Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!

I need this today:

When someone does something wrong

I am grateful for memories of Will Bones’ antics in the boys dorm that made me laugh.

I am grateful to have a church home that provides such glorious music at Christmas time and all year long. We were surrounded by handbells while the full choir sang, “Ding Dong Merrily on High, the Christmas Bells Are Ringing!” and then at the end of the service, the full choir sang a BEAUTIFUL version of “Mary Did You Know?” that brought tears to my eyes.

I am grateful that my church values the heritage/tradition/need for hymns and honors and respects the preferences of the older generation, mine included, and haven’t gone the way of many churches who only cater to younger generations. The older I become, the more it stings when those my age and younger than me slowly squeeze out the opinions and preferences of those who led the way…

I am grateful for the smell of pine.

I am grateful for Christmas movies.

I am grateful for more Christmas cards received this year, even though we have not sent one. I’ve never been so good at sending Christmas cards, and about this time of the season each year, I wish that Mom’s gift had rubbed off on me. I am grateful that a few people thought of us and took the time to send us a card – they mean a lot to me.

I am grateful for Sam’s tenacity to defeat the squirrels. Memories made last night: Standing in the upstairs bathroom listening to him creep up above in the black of the attic, growling and roaring at three of them who took up residence. Standing in the darkness of a Sunday night December chill, watching him two stories high covering their entry point into the attic after working all day long in the basement.

I am grateful for french dressing that makes wilted lettuce tolerable.

I am grateful that because of Jesus’ name, my name is written in Heaven.

I am grateful for peanut clusters that only seem to come around at Christmas.

I am grateful for my husband who insisted that I take a trip to the dentist which resulted in new equipment that I wasn’t expecting for Christmas.

I am grateful for Mom’s nativity scenes she collected.

I am grateful for popcorn, hot cocoa, and A Christmas Story with Ralphie.

I am grateful for friends who shared their deep, intimate pain and allowed us to listen and care.

I am grateful that the worst thing is never the last thing.

I am grateful for a friend at work.

I am grateful for a little neighbor boy who delivered a plate of Christmas goodies on Saturday.

I am grateful for a message at church yesterday that won’t go away in my head.

And I am grateful for three granddaughters who had birthdays in the last two weeks. They bring so much joy to my heart, and I am so grateful to have a tiny part of their lives now.

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2 thoughts on “Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!

  1. I found a card today that I had written on the outside, “The last card from Grace.” I want to go to more boxes and find the one I saved that she had made on wallpaper, yes a long time ago. It was a hoot, and I love it!

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