Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California Colorado Connecticut!

I am grateful for memories of singing “Ohhhhhhhhh…the fruit of the Spirit’s not a coconut (knock knock)” with my elementary students.

I am grateful for that song, because it taught me the fruits of the Spirit and I’ve never forgotten them since. Not lived up to them, many times, but I haven’t forgotten them ever.

“Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-contro-oh-ol!”

I am grateful for other songs from my teaching years that taught me lists, like the 50 states that I can still recite today, in alphabetical order, thank you very much.

Okay, maybe that’s the only other song with a list.

If only there had been a college algebra song…

I am grateful for The Ellen Show. She makes me laugh and I think she is just a pretty cool person, at least from our friendship through the TV.

I am grateful for the burning candle on my desk. Yes, I’m breaking the building rule, but I’m not SAVING it. I’m enjoying it, using it, loving it.

I am grateful for a bathroom that isn’t too close but isn’t too far away from my desk, so that the 96 ounces of water I have consumed so far today do not make me completely miserable. Besides, I’m getting my exercise. Who needs one of those new FitBit thingy-ma-bobs when all you need is some water in the bladder.

I am grateful for good worship music and hymns that occupy my brain space throughout the day. So grateful it’s not, “Fifty nifty, United States from 13 original colonies…” Oh, crap. I spoke too soon.

I love this, from my new devotion book from Dad for today. The definitions are PERFECTION:

The fruits of the spirit consist of nine qualities that summarize the essence of Christ’s character that He wants to develop in His people by His Spirit. In other words, our personality traits should line up with Galatians 5:22-23 as we grow to be like Christ. So let’s talk definitions.

Love is the determination to meet the needs of someone else.

Joy is the ability to appreciate life.

Peace is the calmness and confidence of knowing God is always in control.

Longsuffering is the knack of putting up with people and circumstances.

Kindness is the practice of going out of our way to do nice things for people.

Goodness is the display of moral integrity.

Faithfulness is the habit of being utterly dependable.

Gentleness is the soft covering of strength.

Self-control is the capacity of doing what we don’t feel like, and not doing what we do feel like.

Do these attitudes describe you? Ask the Lord to make you His orchard and develop within you this fruit.

I am grateful for time with Grace and her grandma last night at Bingo.

I am grateful for my friend, 99 ½-year-old Louene.

I am grateful for a furnace and insulation.

I am grateful for a lack of knowledge when it comes to warm climates in January, because I could really be bitter about this cold weather if I knew what South Florida or Hawaii or Brazil felt like right now.

I am grateful for these green grapes that are like candy on this first day of going without.

I am grateful for old, bitter celery that I had to crunch on. It made me realize I need to go to the grocery store tonight.

I am grateful for funny friends.

I am grateful for a loose wedding ring that shows me the Christmas cookies are leaving the building.

I am grateful for the ability to blow my nose.

I am grateful for clean, pretty-smelling feet.

I am grateful for bread bowls and look forward to having another one in February.

I am grateful for my January birthday ladies in Corn, Oklahoma. Oh, how I miss them.

And I’m very grateful that I am learning the lesson and living the lesson of Matthew 6:14.


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