You’re never too old to learn something new.

Like, it’s a great idea to clean the house at varying times of the day, because when the sun shines through the windows in the morning, holy cow you see a world of dirt and cobwebs you missed by cleaning in the afternoon. I think from now on, guests may only be allowed in this home at night or when it is a dreary snowy rainy day or the power is out.

Like, even when you’re $49.99 and railed against your former students when they said “like” 42 times in a sentence, you’re not too old to say “like” at the beginning of a sentence.

Like, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Why oh why can I not seem to learn this lesson? This morning, two guys showed up at the front door to lay carpet in Dad’s bedroom, and I immediately felt like I needed to have a can of mace nearby. They are the nicest guys and so respectful… Seriously, Rhonda?! Must read “12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee” again…


Like, what is it going to hurt to ask? If you expect a “no thanks,” the “yes” is that much more fun!

Like, walking into the kitchen on a Saturday morning to find a dozen pink roses is pretty much one of the best beginnings to a day there is.

Like, burning a good candle and listening to beautiful classical music is a tiny slice of heaven.

Like, Craigslist posted cabinets are so much better than brand new that were going to cost so much more.

So, I am grateful today for a vacuum that works, for friends who couldn’t care less if the floor is dirty and tiny spiders have decided we have a pretty nice home.

I am grateful for natural light that makes me realize I should clean a little more often.

I am grateful for the reminder of all of my former middle school and high school girls who rolled their eyes at me when I counted with my fingers held high in their face all of the “likes” they subjected me to. I love them all…

I am grateful for Jason and John, two really cool guys who made Dad’s new room look so welcoming.

I am grateful for John, because all I had to do was ask if he wanted that tv, and he said, “Yes!”

I am grateful for Sam, because he had such a busy morning but took the time to go and get pink roses, just for me.

I am grateful for really nice candles and home stereo in the ceiling to listen to beautiful music while I vacuumed.

I am grateful for a garage full of someone else’s cabinets that are now ours to install for Dad’s kitchen.

I am grateful for a phone call, card, and present from Steve.

And I am grateful for HD tv.


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