Instead of cleaning the house, just turn off the lights.

I am grateful for the opportunity to sit in the noisiest gymnasium on the planet and watch a million high school girls scream and shout and sing at the top of their lungs while dancing all goofy as my niece’s basketball team dominated their rival. It was miserable and fun all at the same time, and when those million girls entered the gym, all dressed as dalmatians following behind Cruella Deville (looooong story about the rivalry and traditions of two Catholic high schools), I had silly tears in my eyes because they made me happy. And then, at the end of the night, when the victorious Stars did a dance on the court for their senior girls and I saw my niece shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture…I tear-ed up again. I’m a sap. And grateful for fun moments in the middle of miserable ear-deafening nightmares.

I am grateful for an evening of sitting on the couch, doing nothing. It doesn’t happen often these days, and it was so nice last week. Thank you, Sam.

I am grateful for silly videos, the most recent of my youngest granddaughter who is practicing her pageant/princess wave for future parades. And grateful for her oldest sister who looks to be learning that being the oldest isn’t always the most fun, but is also learning how to be a great babysitter.

I am grateful for a fun lunch with Sara.

I am grateful for the news that my second granddaughter asked Jesus into her heart last Friday night.

I am grateful for lessons learned from others’ mistakes. Some serious mistakes, some not so much.

Serious = texting while driving and hitting a pole, a mailbox, a parked car, a pedestrian.
Not so serious = microwaving an underwire bra to warm it up.

I am grateful for my daughter’s Christmas camera that she is using, so that I receive these kinds of pictures on a fairly regular basis.

I am grateful to have been a guinea pig while giving blood yesterday – Wesley needed a kind, understanding, and calm patient, and I am grateful that I didn’t freak out when he missed the mark. I am grateful that my daughter called at just the right moment to keep my mind occupied on something else, and I am grateful that there was a supervising needle expert standing nearby.

I am grateful for four Oreo cookies at the end of the blood giving, even though they are banned from my 24 day challenge. I have failed the challenge many times over, and I am grateful that it doesn’t matter.

I am grateful for people who have figured out a different way to say, “Have a blessed day.” It’s overused, people, and in my shallow opinion, it sounds insincere. I need to work on being very sincere when I tell someone to “have a great day!”

I am grateful for cobwebs that seem to be showing up all over the house these days, because there’s nothing like a cobweb to remind me that I am in serious need of a full Saturday to clean the house.

I am grateful for reminders.

And I am grateful for the hymn, “Each Step I Take.” Currently playing on my internal jukebox.


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