I already want to take a nap tomorrow.

I am grateful for Nabisco and the genius who decided that it would be a good idea to create red velvet Oreos for Valentine’s Day this year.

I am grateful for the ability to stretch when I have been sitting for a long time, and I am grateful for the pleasant feeling a good stretch causes.

I am grateful for woodpeckers.

I am grateful for time to just play the piano.

I am grateful for scientists and doctors who know how to format their documents.

I am grateful for sleep.

I am grateful that my nose works, except for tonight. It’s not so good that my nose works tonight when a skunk got stuck in the window well and the whole house smells like a mixture of skunk spray and Bath & Body Works sprays and Lamberge smoke.  And the skunk wins.

I am grateful that Michelle came to visit us this weekend.

I am grateful that my Dad has new ears so that he can hear every little squeak and creak and we don’t have to talk so loud.

I am grateful for a wonderful family and friend who decided to bless a waitress at dinner tonight.

And I am grateful for the word “splat.” Use it in a sentence this weekend and smile when you do. I will.


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