Some of my students used to play the random game with me. I’m playing by myself now.

Clobber. I heard this word on the radio this morning and laughed out loud. This is a word that should be used more often, just because it’s so funny sounding. I love words. I am grateful for the expanse of our English language and the genius minds and their Creator who made English happen.

Another word/phrase that just baffles me is “wax poetic” –  to use flowery or expressive language to describe a relatively mundane topic, or using heightened, formal language to communicate a simple thought.

I shall attempt to wax poetic in my gratefuls today, just because I really need something else to think about in the hectic atmosphere I find myself in this week here at work.

I am grateful for the invention of the spoon. Think about it – what would we do without spoons? The curved shape that fits nicely into the mouthal opening is attached to a handle that is formed to comfortably rest between the fingers and the thumb…how am I doing? This is too hard to wax poetic. I’m grateful for a spoon today because they were all dirty and I had to retrieve one from the dishwasher here at work in order to slurp my leftover chicken broth and enjoy my little cup of strawberry yogurt, and if there had been no spoons in that dishwasher, I would have had to use a fork, and I would still be slurping chicken broth right now, one little drop at a time, or else I would have drank it drunk it from the side of the bowl and it probably would have leaked down my front and then I would be a hot mess of brothal, not brothel,  frontage while I used my finger to eat the yogurt. There. So grateful for the invention of the spoon.

I am grateful for people who step out of the normal dress code. I was sitting here working hard and looked up at the computer geeks who continually walk down the hall to go out for one of too many smoke breaks throughout the day, and I thought about how they all dress exactly the same way every day. Baggy jeans. T-shirts or sweatshirts.  Casual jackets. Tennis shoes.

Every. Single. Day.

And then I thought about my boss who wants to lose 20 pounds, so for some strange reason in his mind, he thinks that he will be motivated if he wears a suit to work every day until he loses the weight.  And when he walks in the door in the mornings, it surprises me over and over again to see him in a suit. He sits in his office all day long and never sees anyone but me. And four other women who work here. But he wears a suit all dressy-like.

Which made me think of June Cleaver and Samantha Stevens and Aunt Bea and Mary Kay, who dressed up every single day – to do housework. They were in dresses and stockings and pretty jewelry and heels in order to fix meals and do the dishes with an apron covering their frontages, and you just don’t see women dress up any longer when they stay home each day. I wonder why.

And then I thought of the big deal people make over ministers/pastors/preachers/reverends who wear jeans when they give the message or don’t tuck their shirts in or go without a tie or Heaven forbid, go without at least a sport jacket, or how Mom used to make a HU-OO-OO-OOGE deal about girls not wearing pants to church – only dresses or skirts – and now I might wear a dress once a year, if that.

What a boring world it would be if we all dressed alike. Besides, what does it matter in the end what we wear?  I must qualify that thought. When it comes to students in elementary school, junior high, and high school, it DOES MOST CERTAINLY MATTER. As a former teacher, I can attest that it DOES MOST CERTAINLY MATTER. Uniforms and uniformity for all, I say.  NO-ticeable difference when kids were allowed a free day to wear whatever. Wow.  It’s all in the attitude, and talk about behavior change. It’s a FACT.

So, even though I sometimes do not like what others are wearing, I am grateful for the diversity of styles and the freedom to choose what I wear each day. I am grateful that everyone else has decided that they don’t want to dress like me. And I am grateful that I have June Cleaver and Samantha Stevens’ example to live by, at least in my head.

On that note, I am grateful for hoodie weather, because I do love hoodies. Okay. that is another funny word.

And on that note, I’m sure you are grateful that I am done.


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