We’ll become what we accumulate the most of… Gather love. – Bob Goff

I was asked this week, “Wanna do something special for Valentine’s Day?”

Here’s the thing.

My Valentine’s Day is just about every day anymore. When your existence is filled with umpteen hugs and sweet pecks and kisses every day, and your ears are filled with sweet nothings and sweet everythings, when your home does not harbor an ounce of bitter or anger or silent treatment or spite or silent revenge, when tension is present and quickly diffused with sincere apologies and insistence on communication, when prayer is daily and every prayer is hand-held, when simple kindness is freely given, when counting blessings and intentional giving are priorities, when concern and love is shared for family members, when flowers are the norm and not the rare occasion…

It’s Valentine’s Day.

For the better part every weekend for the last several months, Sam has been working to remodel part of the basement into a new home for my Dad. This weekend will be no exception. His entire being leaks selfless love and devotion. He has given up free evenings and Saturdays to design, to demo, to dig, to build, to unload material, to paint, to tile, to sort and reorganize…

I am so very grateful for this man who is a wonderful example of what it means to love, a wonderful example of what it means to give. How interesting that Sam is doing for Dad what Dad has done for others all of his life.

Dad spent his life helping and serving others with no expectations for receiving little if anything in return. He fixed tires and repaired cars and added Freon and provided pickup and delivery to those in need, and he never charged the needy. He cares for his friend Bill. He provides his church with donuts every Sunday. He takes flowers to his sister. He hands out “Love Does” books to anyone who will promise to read it. He is generous with a tip for a well-deserving waiter.

Sam suggested that the three of us spend part of our Valentine’s Day serving at the church, and so that is what we are going to do. I am pretty much showered with extra blessings because of these two men in my life, and I am grateful that my Valentine’s Day will be spent with both of them.


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