Sharing fun memories that spark laughter at the table

Reading that my daughter feels so much better today

Watching squirrels chase each other and listening to them make the leaves rustle

A homemade Valentine

Baby laughter

A Flintstones marathon on a cold and rainy day

Memories of Natia, the Italian greyhound, “racetrack running” in the yard

No dirty dishes in the sink

Will Bones , Ben Sawatzky, and Josh Hall

Not being superstitious

Friday the 13th

Sprinkles on a cupcake

Beautiful signatures

Bedtime stories

Mismatched socks on purpose

Eating whatever your stomach so desires

Fun kitchen towels

Memories of Amanda, Nanette, Skyler, and Desiree helping with dorm suppers

Waking the girls’ feet with “This little piggy went to market…”

Paying for a stranger’s meal in secret

Flower delivery drivers who get to make everyone else happy

Playing with a cat that is inside a paper bag

Talking to my grandchildren on the phone

Singing in the car

A box of Aunt Arlene’s Richie Rich and Archie comic books

CBA verenika

And this commercial:


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