I don’t feel good.

So because of that, I am grateful for hand sanitizer.

I am grateful for the ability to close my eyes and let the burn subside.

I am grateful for medicine that helps me to sleep.

I am grateful for comfort food, although French fries would pretty much be the most comforting food EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, and I CANNOT INDULGE.

I am grateful for a job in which I do not have to speak out loud very much.

I am grateful for little things that make me feel better – a kind word, a shoulder squeeze, a picture of a lavender field (Julie), a nice kitchen towel, a quiet evening that involves a soft throw blanket and a parking spot in front of the fire, a clean sink, a little pretty like this:

Someday, I will have a Firefly piece of jewelry. But until then, I’ll feel better with a clean sink.

I am grateful that for once in my life, I am not hungry.

I am grateful that it is too cold outside to go outside so that I don’t have to feel guilty about not feeling good enough to walk.

I am grateful for a new thermometer and heating pad.

And I am grateful for memories of illness with Brandi or Ruska or Sienna or Natia or Topo sleeping right beside me, making me feel a little better.


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