Ham & beans and The Electric Company. Two good things about the mid-70’s.

I am grateful to feel better today.

I am grateful for door lock buttons in the car. And for door lock/unlock buttons on my key ring.

I am grateful for the privilege of spending the day tomorrow with Max on his 95th birthday.

I am grateful to have reconnected with my “daughter” Melissa today. I am grateful for her text message and the feature on my old phone to lock that message so that I can re-read it when I am down.

Most good things have been said far too many times
and just need to be lived. – Shane Claiborne

I am grateful for the treat of warm cornbread with lotsa butter. The only thing it needs is a bowl of ham & beans and a PBS episode of The Electric Company on the big console TV in the living room. Those were the days…

I am grateful that I do not have chapped lips or ingrown toenails.

I am grateful that it is Friday and my ironing pile consists of no more than three items.


I am grateful for the hilarious surprise package I received last night. I pulled the tape off of the brown bag to find a Cornflakes box that had been cut and taped up, JUST LIKE MY MOM USED TO DO. Re-use and recycle! Inside, was a beautiful black purse filled with silly necessities from my Aunt Patsy and Uncle Charlie! They took my grateful that I wrote several days back seriously when I revealed my inferiority complex and how I left my one fur purse in the car at the women’s conference, and so now I have a NEW PURSE complete with gum and music Kleenex and a toothbrush and toothpaste and mints – so I won’t have bad breath, either! Oh my goodness, I laughed and laughed and thought of my sweet Aunt who is so much like her sister… THANK YOU, Aunt Patsy. I am grateful for you and Charlie today. I will wear my new purse with my head held high while I dragon breathe fresh my way through a crowd!

And finally, I am grateful that my eyes have been opened to see the beauty in the ordinary, to name every. last. thing.


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