It’s Friday, but SATURDAY’s comin’!


I love hopeful anticipation. I love the excitement of planning and preparing…like the days leading up to a family vacation or Christmas when company arrives, or preparing the big Easter meal and an egg hunt for the little ones, or even counting down the hours until 5:00 and the weekend begins!

This day, I have hopeful anticipation because tomorrow is Saturday and my brother and nephew will arrive with my Dad to move him into his new home – OUR home.  I am so looking forward to the Sundays of attending church with Sam on one side and Dad on the other. I am so looking forward to watch Dad gain his confidence about making this place his home, making Kansas City his city. I am so looking forward to watching him enjoy an afternoon at the ball park with the Royals, or see him drive into the driveway after a long relaxing afternoon on the golf course. I will no longer have to pick up the phone to hear a good joke.

It’s Friday, but Saturday’s comin’!


I am grateful for errands completed.

I am grateful for a few minutes with some soft piano music.

I am grateful for soft butter.

I am grateful for lunch with a friend who shares the same love of music and desire to use her gifts.

When God gives a friend, He is entrusting us with the care of another’s heart. It is a chance to be a Life giver. – Stasi Eldredge

I am grateful for people who like to smell good.

I am grateful for drive through car washes.

And I am grateful that my daughter sends pictures to me to reJOYce about:



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