“That would be smashing.”


I am grateful for memories of playing croquet in the yard in Haven.

I am grateful for a new blow dryer that wow, is so powerful. I was using a blow dryer that I thought was just fine until it wasn’t just fine any longer and I had to break down and buy a new one. You don’t know what you don’t know, and I didn’t know that I was using a sloth until I put a cheetah in my hand.

I am grateful for the silliest weather woman who makes me laugh when I watch her. Animated on steroids, and she’s so serious about her performance. Yes, she is the one who loves to say, “buh-lustery!” and you oughta see her hand motions. Oh, she is entertainment at 6 am…

I am grateful for the anticipation of a warm and sunny weekend to welcome my Dad home to his new home.


I am grateful that people are interesting and provide diversity in my day, like the gentleman on the other end of the phone yesterday whose response to my suggestion to leave a voicemail for a co-worker: “That would be SMASHING!”  I dare you to use that phrase this weekend…

And I am grateful for weekends.


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