Happiness is…a regular sized Reese’s peanut butter cup.

I am grateful that it is roly-poly time again. They have arrived in the public restroom on my floor in the building, and that means that spring has sprung. Yay. Now, the anticipation of the first thunderstorm…

I am grateful for rest when my body is less than.

I am grateful for birds singing, and I imagine this is what they are singing: “I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free! His eye is on the sparrow over there, and I know He’s watching me…too!”

Happiness is…baby giggles.

I am grateful for my sister who was in a much better place than I on Saturday and was able to help Dad sort and discard. I just don’t want to throw anything away.

I am grateful for a letter from Dean that arrived yesterday, with a magazine article about planning family reunions that my Mom sent to him several years ago with a handwritten note attached. Oh, Mom.  It goes with the file she kept with silly songs to sing at family reunions that Angela found on Saturday. At least Mom was an ORGANIZED article hoarder.

Happiness is…a new pair of fluffy socks.

I am grateful for a cinnamon sugar bagel that made the day better, and a chocolate long john that satisfied this morning. Goodness, you must STOP this, Sam. Fortunately, these were not gifts on the same day.

Happiness is…happy tears when watching a child being interviewed by Ellen.

I am grateful for a solitary evening walk after dark that helped me to conquer a small fear.

I am grateful for funny text messages from my daughter.

Happiness is…a $2 bill left as part of the tip.

I am grateful for this rare find these days for my Bingo prize tonight:

Which makes me grateful for memories of something like this hanging on the tree:

Happiness is…seeing old newspaper articles about my Dad and his full-service gas station.

I am grateful for the beginning signs of tulips and hyacinths and daffodils.

And finally, I am grateful that I am not a shoe person. I have several pairs, but I don’t enjoy shoe shopping, don’t see the need for a pair in every color, like that I am still wearing the same shoes I have had for YEARS, and am mostly content.

I am grateful to be content.


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