Can there be anything cuter than a puppy? Nay nay, I say.

It’s National Puppy Day today. I am grateful for puppies and grateful for people who adopt puppies and raise puppies to be decent dogs.

I am grateful for unmelted sugar at the bottom of the tea glass that happens to get sucked up into the straw.

I am grateful for breeze-blown curtains and open windows that allow for that, although we have no curtains. It’s a nice thought, though.

I am grateful for little girl Easter dresses.

I am grateful for walks with my best friend.

I am grateful for little bunny foo foo cookies baked and almost ready to send.

I am grateful for no more grouting.

I am grateful for clean floors, clean stairs, clean fireplace doors, clean shoes, a clean yard, and time after work to just sit and visit with my Dad after he has cleaned all day long. Which makes me very grateful for my Dad.

I am grateful for a bird feeder found and now hanging once again.

I am grateful for a great message at church yesterday.

I am grateful that Mom’s wedding dress is not lost.

I am grateful to be able to watch the Shockers once again this year excite and amaze. Rock, Shock, Jay, Hawk, K, WHO?

I am grateful for Mahogany Chiffon Chocolate Cake from Grandmommy and grateful that Angela requested it for her birthday.

And I am grateful that Sam likes to stop and talk to people and is so witty and quick with fun.


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