I’d never seen a sugar glider in a restaurant…until now. Actually, I’d never seen a sugar glider.

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. It has been such a busy week. No excuse for not making the time to write my gratefuls, especially when I am grateful for so many things.

  • Lunch with my Dad, my sister, and my niece, to celebrate Dad’s day
  • Laughter and peace around the table
  • White roses on the counter
  • Silly Andrae stories
  • Being asked to play the piano at church
  • Having my Dad sitting next to me in the car as we drove to church
  • Rain and a little bit of thunder
  • Birds and squirrels entertaining at the feeder
  • Natia found by decent neighbors
  • Productivity at work
  • Sweet moments in the mornings before Sam leaves for the day
  • The privilege of hearing the adult choir sing for almost two hours
  • Not having to wear fancy dressy clothes to work every day
  • Silly grown-ups who put little possum creatures in a pack and bring them out for show & tell at the table in a restaurant for the rest of us to gawk at
  • Hochevar back in the lineup
  • Opportunities for Dad to begin finding his space and place in this town
  • An abundance of tasks to accomplish before the weekend is over
  • A husband who knows how to find German sweet chocolate for my recipe
  • Colby Jack cheese
  • My Dad and the fact that he is HERE now
  • And this:

Every day at work, home, school, and play, God presents us with opportunities to be a blessing to people who may not be as nice to us as we deserve or desire. In the middle of these opportunities, He strengthens us and enables us to pay back good for evil. – Thelma Wells


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