A lullaby for the soul.

I am grateful for:

  • a Chamber of Commerce day when the sky is blue, the breeze is slight, the temperature is just right, the birds are singing, the flowers blooming.
  • good water pressure in a hot shower.
  • no words.
  • Oreos.
  • a coin found on a walk.
  • forgotten sweet memories when they come to mind once again.
  • really good dirt.
  • a glowing report from the school counselor.
  • Fresh Balsam room deodorizer spray from Bath & Body Works.
  • the conviction to “be still my soul.”
  • children who just make the world a better place, like Macey:



  • peony buds and blooming iris.


  • watching the Royals with one of their most loyal fans, my Dad.
  • a handwritten thank you.
  • Pink Lady apples sliced thin.
  • designs in the sky, courtesy of jet trails.
  • stiff jeans.
  • being asked to play the piano again.
  • the patterns of freshly mowed grass, as satisfying as vacuum lines on carpet.
  • a good cut and color.
  • a soft and beautiful lullaby that calms and ushers in peace.
  • crisp, in crackers, potato chips, and $2 bills.
  • memories of baby books, a wedding album, my french horn and piano, a butterfly quilt, boxes of school papers and crafts, Mom’s china, and collections of school musicals and programs of the past.
  • a bed at the end of a long day.
  • the back yard that is full of wildlife.
  • happy mail.
  • Nutty Bars.

And I am grateful for contemplation, something I have been doing a lot of lately…


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