Tea for two, and two for tea.

I am grateful today for my brother and sister-in-law’s church newsletter. As I read it, I was reminded of Mother Daughter Teas in my history. I reminisce about the minor dread I felt every May when the Ladies Missionary Society would plan this social gathering, and Mom would call or send an invitation for the girls and I to attend with her. Early on, the dread was because of the heartless attitude of her daughter, not wanting to give up an evening to sit with a small group of older women and wear a fake smile. How completely selfish of me…

Later, the dread was because of the invitation to present the “special program” when Mom was in charge and wanted to show her granddaughters off. How completely selfish of me…

And then…the time came, as we grew older, when the dread took over because we lived four hours away and Mom would be one of the women who did not have a daughter or granddaughter sitting next to her for the special occasion.

Can I have do-overs, please?

I would like to go back and re-live each Mother Daughter Tea and savor every last second of sitting next to my Mom, seeing her beam when she saw us walk into the fellowship hall, feeling her hand on my leg when I sat down next to her as she whispered in my ear, “I AM SO GLAD YOU MADE IT!!”

Those special Sunday afternoons or Thursday evenings were so important to her, and I was so preoccupied with myself…

I now love that she put such effort into planning and preparation in order to make it an enjoyable and memorable occasion. She worked so hard on little favors for the guests or writing a poem to read or making desserts for the table. She would plan 2-3 months in advance when she was in charge of the “program,” lining up the entertainment that would be suitable for all ages. She was a faithful servant, and for her example, I am grateful.

For the few Mother Daughter Teas at the Friends Church I was able to attend, I am grateful.

For the memories of my girls sharing their talents while their Grandma looked on with pride, I am grateful.

For the unconditional love my Mom had for her very selfish daughter, I am grateful.

And for her motherly and grandmotherly example to follow, I am grateful.


One thought on “Tea for two, and two for tea.

  1. You are so transparent, and I love you for it! I share those kinds of regrets. Could it have been because we were “the baby” that we were loved so much — and spoiled — at least a little. :>) You brought your mother MUCH JOY! I remember!

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