Weather forecast: Showers of blessings.


Rain cannot dampen a grateful heart.

I am grateful to have stood at the door on Friday morning and see Annistan’s look of surprise when we rang the doorbell. She and Andrae came running, and she immediately wanted me to hold her, while Andrae ran to Sam with the biggest grin and laughs.

I am grateful for the opportunity to take three grandchildren on a walk on Friday morning to go to Anissa’s school and pick her up after school was out.

I am grateful for the privilege of seeing the look on her face when her teacher said her name and she turned to see us standing there waiting for her.

I am grateful for the enormous hug that she gave me when she jumped into my arms.

I am grateful for littlest clown Anjalie who makes everyone happy with her cheesy grins and infectious giggling.

I am grateful for time to take the kids to breakfast on Saturday morning and then roam the aisles of Walmart looking for new shoes.

I am grateful for my daughter who handles four little ones like it’s no big deal. It IS a big deal, and she makes her mom so proud.

I am grateful to have been invited to spend Mothers Day weekend with my daughter and her family.

I am grateful to have heard the gentle sound of rain and the music of thunder as I waited in the night for morning to arrive, knowing the new day would begin with two little girls sneaking into the room to see if we were awake.

I am grateful for dancing Sam because he makes my grandchildren giggle in the middle of a store.

I am grateful for the fun of seeing the Fort Worth Stockyards, reading each Walk of Fame plaque to Anissa and Andrae, going to Roanoke and enjoying the evening with the family, eating ice cream after dinner and walking outside to see a beautiful rainbow with the kids, watching the sun say “goodnight” with Anissa, and then hanging out while Daddy played balloon with the kids in an open field.

I am grateful that this family spends their Sundays in church and grateful that we were able to worship with them today.

And I am grateful that even though Mom is not here with us any longer, she sees her first grandchild as a young Mom now, soon to have five of her own just like her Grandma had…and I am sure she is beaming with pride.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom. Thank you, Lord, for a weekend of blessing showers.


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