Chocolate comes from cacao, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is salad.

I am grateful for chocolate. Pretty much chocolate anything.

I am grateful for blue sky with one teeny tiny white puff of a cloud when it is about 60 degrees outside.

I am grateful for bacon. Pretty much bacon anything.

I am grateful for sticker stamps that you don’t have to lick. I’m also grateful for stamps that are no longer perforated sheets that caused me more often than not to accidentally rip perfectly good stamps. Young people wouldn’t even have a clue there was ever anything else besides sticker stamps.

I am grateful for conviction that keeps me from judgment. I just need to look at people and imagine they are trees.

I am grateful for right click that quickly shows me if I am spelling judgment correctly. I was. I could have spelled it judgement, too. They are both correct. That would be why little red squiggly line did not appear under the word. Which makes me grateful for little red squiggly line. Dictionary? What is THAT?

And I am grateful for chocolate bacon cupcakes that need to be on my list to make as soon as I possibly can.


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